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Preparing for Summer Practices


HOW TO GET INJURED, sick, perform poorly and get so discouraged that you want to quit!

Get up as late as possible. This allows your body no time to develop blood flow and warm up. This will ensure that you will pull a muscle.

Also, by getting up as late as possible, it will prevent you from adequately fueling and hydrating. This will ensure that you have no energy to complete the workout; and with no hydration, you can become overheated so that you get sick or pass out.

The pulled muscles and passing out will, of course, provide you with many excuses for not developing as a runner.


HOW TO PREPARE YOURSELF to take full advantage of morning practices so you can advance your abilities and contribute to the team's success!

  1. Get up by 6:45. Your body needs at least an hour and a quarter to “wake up.”
  2. Have 8 oz. of water or Gatorade-type drink immediately.
  3. Have a light, easily digestible meal. For example:

    • Bagel or wheat toast or oatmeal
    • Banana
    • Energy Bar
    • Juice
  4. Drink another 8 oz of fluid right before you leave.
  5. Bring 16-20 oz of fluid with you.


POST WORKOUT Fluid and Fuel Replacement

You need to replace 300-400 calories of carbs and protein within one hour, preferably within one half-hour, of your run. Eight ounces (8 oz.) of low fat chocolate milk is a perfect starter. A juice, fruit, or yogurt smoothie is an excellent choice as well.

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