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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join Capo's track and field program?
I want to tryout. What should I do first?
What if I don't know what to tryout for?
What is expected of team members?

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2013 Track and Field Information Sheet
2013 Track and Field Grading System
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Who can join Capo's track and field program?

Capo uses a standards-based participation requirement for its track and field season. The standards are minimum requirements for new athletes wishing to participate in the track and field program. During tryouts, if an athlete demonstrates the potential to exceed the minimum standard he/she may be added to the team and required to meet the standard during the season to continue participation. Returning athletes must meet their current grade level minimum during the season in order to participate the following year. To be a part of the sprint group, athletes must meet either the 100-meter or 400-meter time. To be a part of the distance group, athletes need to meet the 1600-meter time. The distance group may waive the minimum requirement based on participation in cross country in the fall and coaches recommendation. To be a part of the jump or throws group, athletes may achieve the minimum mark in any of the individual events. The pole vault, hurdles and high jump are extremely technical events, so new athletes must make the minimum marks in one of the other events and then meet the event standard during the season in order to participate the following year. Athletes that have made the standard the previous year and have shown excellent attendance and work ethic may also have the current standard waived by event coach’s recommendation. (List of standards for each event)
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I want to tryout. What should I do first?

  1. If you were not in a fall or winter sport, you need to complete an Athletic Clearance Packet. As part of that you must get a physical, so schedule that immediately. You cannot try out without it. Please bring completely filled out, physical, insurance information, etc. to your head coach prior to tryouts.

  2. Do Not enroll in Track and Field until you have been informed you have made the team. If you do make the team, you must enroll in 6th period Track and Field.

  3. Winter sport athletes (Soccer, G-Water Polo, Basketball, Wrestling, etc.): You cannot tryout during your season of sport so talk with your Track Head Coach about arranging tryout times after your season is over.

  4. Preparation:  If you are not currently in a sport and or training for track, here is a general approach you should begin immediately. Do some running at least every other day. Start with walking and running if you need to then move to all running, advancing your total time each week until you can do 20-25 min. for non-distance runners, 35-40 min. if you want to try distance. This could be done as cross training-elliptical trainer, or stationary bike as well. Be doing some strength and stretching each day: take yoga, Pilates, go to gym and lift weights. Sprinters, hurdlers and jumpers, after doing your running and getting warmed up, do some sprint training. One day, do a “ladder”-400 meters, 300, 200, 100 hard with a couple minutes rest in between. Do a second or even third set if you can. Another day, do repeat 100’s as much as 10, again hard pace.
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What if I don’t know what to tryout for?

  • Sprints--If you are always among the fastest at soccer practice or softball or chasing the neighborhood dogs-try it
  • Hurdles-sprinters with coordination and flexibility
  • Jumpers-sprinters with some explosive power in their legs
  • Distance-do you like to just run, for a long time?
  • Throwers (discus and shot put)-Strong, not necessarily “big” but it helps; Comfortable in weight room
  • Vaulters-Are you a gymnast, diver?? Some sprint speed, some upper body strength but Most importantly-are you comfortable being upside down, 8-15 feet over a pit?
  • Additionally-many athletes do multiple events across groups sometimes: So sprinters/jumpers often mix;  sprinters/hurdlers, etc.;  Vaulters and throwers pretty much just do those events.
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What is expected of team members?

It is critical that student athletes be aware of all that is expected of them as a team member. The coaches will dedicate themselves to help YOU reach your full potential. YOUR goal should be to do all you can to help your team be successful. Our goals are to compete for League Championships at all levels and to advance as many athletes as possible to CIF competition. We believe that we can do that if YOU are fully committed to doing your best for yourself and your team.

TEAM COMES FIRST!! The following expectations and guidelines are designed to help you accomplish your individual and team goals. The coaches take seriously our mandate to field championship level teams. No one will be excluded from practice/competition for lack of ability, but athletes who can't or won't commit to doing their best within the rules set by the coaches will be asked to leave.

PRACTICE STARTING TIMES: Each practice begins with two laps at: Monday 2:10 Tuesday and Thursday 1:10 and Wednesday and Friday at 3:10. Being late to practice detracts from your ability to prepare for practice and detracts from team unity. Those who are late three times may be suspended from the next meet. All practice sessions are important. Missing practice on a day when you are at school may result in suspension from team.

PRACTICE ENDING TIMES: There is no set time when practice ends. Athletes and parents need to be aware on Tuesday and Thursday practice may go well beyond the end of the period. Practices times will vary depending on the event group as well. As a general rule, practices will last between 1 ½ and 2 hours. Never leave on attendance day, generally Monday, Tuesday and Thursday until the period is over. All practices end when the event coach and or head coach has specifically indicated that practice is over.

PRACTICE IS EVERY DAY AND EVERY DAY IS REQUIRED: Parents and athletes should schedule work and medical appointments around the schedule when possible. Teachers cannot require you to make up tests during practice, this is a class too. Event coaches are directed to hold athletes out of meets who miss practice prior to meets. If you have an unavoidable, emergency or pre planned conflict, make sure you let your event and head coach know: don't send messages with other athletes. There will be practices scheduled during the Spring Break at crucial peak of the season. If you are in town, you are expected to attend. Practice is first day of new semester. Be dressed to work out. You MUST be cleared.

INJURY AND ILLNESS are inevitable. Please inform your coach as soon as possible. Don't self diagnose, we have a trainer on staff and coaches who can help with rehabilitation. After a week of missed practice you will need a doctor's note. Most of the time you can dress out and do some cross training or rehab work at practice.

WEATHER: We always work out regardless of the weather.

MEET SCHEDULE: You will be provided with a detailed meet schedule. All League Meets are required, most Saturday's have limited entries for our top athletes in each event and level. For League Prelims, if you are not entered you don't have to attend. League Finals are required for everyone regardless of competing or not.

MEET DAY DRESS: You WILL wear Cougar Track and Field clothes to school on Meet Days. You must be dressed in Cougar Track clothes at home and away meets and on the bus to meets.

MEET DEPARTURE: You may not leave until the meet is over and second roll is taken. Exceptions may be made for work, school conflicts, with PRIOR knowledge and approval of your HEAD coach, not event coach.

VARSITY LETTERS: With 6 points scored at Varsity and/or coaches approval.

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