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Booster Club/Volunteer Information

We believe that a TEAM is the athletes and the coaches, but a PROGRAM is the TEAM plus PARENTS. We have a very active, involved, and supportive group of parents. - Coach Sayles

Capo's cross country program has a booster club that supports the team so the coaching staff can focus on training our athletes. Parent leaders organize refreshments for meets, pre-meet dinners, team uniform orders, travel and transportation arrangements for non-local meets, a pre-season beach barbecue, an end of season banquet and awards dinner, photo books and a team DVD for athletes and coaches. All these activities are done by parent volunteers, and many volunteers are needed each season. 

Listed below are our volunteer positions.  Please contact the Booster Club Presidents, if you would like to be an activity coordinator or if you would like to help in another way.

Booster Club Presidents:

In charge of booster club program and all volunteer coordinators. Main liaison between parents and coaches for all non-coaching, team-related issues.

Banner Sales/Fund-raising:

Coordinates athlete/parent sales force to have a company, business, or organization support CVHS Athletics by advertising on a banner to be displayed in the stadium.  Ensures the paperwork is completed, checks are received and banners are placed.  

Banquet Chair & Co-Chair:

Arranges the banquet's location, dinner menu, meeting agenda, and necessary equipment for the evening's presentations and entertainment.  Coordinates the event with parent volunteers assisting with ticket sales, decorations, set-up, clean-up and working at the check-in table on the day of the event.  Coordinates all communication with families regarding the banquet and event tickets.

Beach Run Chair:

Arranges the barbecue site location with Doheny State Beach. Coordinates the event with parents volunteering to set-up, grill, bring food items, etc. for the beach barbecue.  Coordinates with parent volunteers to set-up, work, and take-down water stations along the course route for the runners.

Christmas Tree Sales/Fund-raising:

Volunteers to work on the pick-up day. Coordinates the sale, collection of money, and communication regarding pick-up of trees.

Food Providers:

Volunteers bring food items for snacks at meets and dinner items for pasta parties.  Types of foods needed and activity dates they're needed can be found on sign-up sheets at the Parent Booster Meeting.

Graduation Sales/Fund-raising:

Coordinates getting the water and Gatorade for sale, along with the set-up, tear-down and recycling of beverage bottles before the graduation ceremony in the stadium. A parent volunteer assists athletes in selling the beverages on graduation day. 

Invitational Snack Coordinator:

Coordinates volunteers to bring snacks (drinks, fruit, muffins, etc.) to Invitational meets and sets up/tears down the snack table before/after events.  Will need to be present at most meets.

Parent Photographers:

Many photographers are needed to take photos (and videos) of athletes and coaches throughout the season at "away" events, summer camps, pasta parties, meets and practices. All types are welcome: close-ups, group shots, running shots, hanging out around team tent before/after races, etc.  Handout for Photo Volunteers

However, make sure the photos are yours and not taken from a website or another photographer without permission.

Rule of Thumb:  If you do not have specific permission (preferably written!) from the owner of a photo, you cannot legally display it on a website, post it to the Usenet, copy it, send it around by Email or other means, make photos derived from it, sell it, or otherwise exploit it. $150,000 fine per photo if caught.

Pasta Party Coordinator:

Main point of contact for parents who sign-up to bring food to pasta parties.  Works with pasta party hosts and booster club presidents to arrange for seating, tables and other items needed for pasta parties. Oversees arrangement, setup and removal of all food and beverage equipment delivered to each pasta party location. Pasta Dinner Checklist.

Pasta Party Hosts:

We have a tradition of having team pasta dinners the night before a competition.  We are looking for families to host or assist with the team pasta dinners this season. Parties are held the night before a race (usually Friday nights) and last about one hour. Party location should be able to provide seating for about 100 people. See checklist for details. Dates of pasta parties is listed on the xc schedule.
Photo Books are given to athletes at the end of season banquet. Each album is personalized for each team member.
Photo Book Coordinator:
Creates individualized photo books for specified team members (i.e., FROSH boys, sophomore girls).  Sorts images by athlete into computer folders.  Ensures there is an adequate number of photos (approximately 25) of each athlete (or coach) for his/her book. Uploads images to printing service and picks up photos when they are ready (save receipts to submit for reimbursement).  Coordinators for senior athletes also make seniors' gifts.  Gives a copy of all completed folders to Digital Image Coordinator for athlete-CDs.  Some editing/cropping of photos may be required.  Also helpful if coordinator assists photographing athletes.  Handout for Photo Volunteers

Photo Book Coordinators' Assistants:
Assistants stuff photos into photo books.

Photo Book Cover Designer:
Designs photo book cover that will be put on all the photo books.

Digital Image Coordinator:

Collects images from parent photographers each week; sorts images by event into folders for the Webmaster, DVD Coordinator and Photo Book Coordinators.  Creates Athlete-CDs from Photo Book Coordinators image folders of each athlete.

Team DVD Coordinator:

Creates a team DVD from videos and photos taken during the season that is shown during the end of season banquet. Designs DVD label. Makes DVD copies available for purchase by team members.

DVD Assistants:

Assists the Team DVD Coordinator in the creation of the team DVD.


Handles all financial matters for the team.

Uniform Coordinators:

Coordinates uniform orders. One coordinator for boys' team and one for the girls' team.


Updates and maintains website and team Photobucket account.  Uploads images to team albums.


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