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XC Workout Terms


INTERVALS:  Lengths of 400-1600 meters done at race pace or under, usually 600-1200 meters

LONG RUNS:  Runs up to 12-13 miles, or 90 min, done at 1:30-2:30 per mile over 3 mile race pace.

RECOVERY RUNS:  Runs of 3-7 miles, up to 1 hr., done after hard workouts at same as long run pace

REPEATS PACE:  Short intervals of 200-600 done at 5-10 sec. per 400 under 3 mile race pace

PLYOMETRICS:  Exercises that use explosive movements to develop muscular power, in order to generate a large amount of force quickly. This involves a series of jumps that stretch a muscle before immediately contracting it in an explosive burst. The effect is to increase a runner's ability to call on that "burst of speed" when needed in a race.

SPEED DEVELOPMENT:  Follow your normal warm-up routine, plus extra strength and plyometric drills, followed by 6-10 hard strides of 60-100 meters and/or short hill work, then 25-30 minute run.

TEMPO RUNS:  Various workouts done at lactate threshold pace approximately 24-30 sec. per mile over a 3 mile race pace. Warm up and warm down of 8-15 minutes with Tempo run in middle. Can be as short as 800 meters, repeats of 1200, 1600 or 3200, or steady runs of 20-30 minutes in length.

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